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Serving South East Arizona for 15 years.

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Our office is not only impressive for a dentist in Naco Mexico, it's impressive for any dentist.  We follow very strict criteria to have the cleanest dental environment possible. Our equipment is modern and cutting edge and our staff is professional and very well trained.  If you combine all this with the fact that you will save up to 75% on your dental care, there is no reason not to give us a try and leave with a smile!

It is common for low-cost dental clinic in Mexico to provide "cheap service" we are not here to be the cheapest dental clinic we are here to be the best value. We have all the latest equipment from 3d X-rays to in-house machinery that can have done in one visit.

you will take one look and see that we are not a good dental clinic in Mexico we are a great clinic for any part of the world. Come for the location return for the quality and value we provide.  Most of our business is from referrals come see why.

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