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3D Dental & Implant Center the Naco dentist clinic was started with one purpose, to provide and alternative to Southeaster Arizona clients. Most notably we believe everybody deserves to get Quality Dental services at an affordable price.  Our modern clinic can cover all of your dental needs from regular check-in visits to braces to full dental implants and dentures.

We are just steps aways from Border into Naco, Mexico and because of our location we are able to save you money. You can safely park on the US side and walk across. Our professional team is highly trained, speak fluent English and use only the most modern equipment available. You will be amazed by our technology and professionalism.  If you visit our clinic you will understand why we are considered the premier dentist in Naco.  Contact us today to get a quote and appointment at your convenience.


Meet our Experienced Team of Doctors

Experienced doctors and Scientist form our medical staff

Dr. Jose Luis Delgado

Smile Design & Implantology

Dentist in Dental Implants and Smile Design. Preventive dentistry and restorative dentistry, oral cavity care.


Dr. Marino Quintero, DDS

Specialist in Orthodontics

MsC specialist in Orthodontics and  Maxillary Orthopaedics

Dr. David Navarro

Specialist in General Dentistry

Dentist specializing in general dentistry, preventive dentistry and restorative dentistry, oral cavity care

Meet our Assistants

Gabriela Lopez

Dental Assistant

Janeth Olivares

Dental Assistant
Yamileth - Assistant

Yamileth Tarazon

Dental Assistant

Jessica Romero

Dental Assistant

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